Miha Sarani & Sylvia Kurin | april 2021

Reflecting the Covid-19 experience, a panel of spontaneous, on-line portraits approximates a typical Zoom meeting and demonstrates people’s vulnerability, physical isolation but at the same time electronic connectedness brought about by a technological leap.

Miha Sarai

Miha Sarai is a visual artist, art historian, art educator and musician who’s multi-media art focuses on elements of everyday life and juxtaposes conceptual art and aesthetic values through a dialog between cyclical, historical occurrences and contemporary challenges.

Website:  Mihasarani.com
Facebook: SloveneMachine
Instagram: @SloveneMachine
Twitter: SloveneMachine

Sylvia Kurin

Sylvia Kurin explores intense emotions and sensations through surface and tactility by combining her experiences as a psychotherapist, a daughter, mother and an immigrant.